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When Will NASCAR Get the Point? We Need More Night Races in the Chase

November 5th, 2012 at 8:02 PM
By Clayton Caldwell

One Chase race on Saturday night is crazy! Especially when you have several tracks in the Chase that have lights to use. I understand Bruton Smith pays a lot of money to have the October race at Charlotte Motor Speedway the only night race in the Chase but it's time to change that. Last nights race at Texas Motor Speedway had a great finish. A great finish that a lot of people didn't get to see because it was running up against the NFL.

There is no doubt the National Football League is the biggest sport in America. There are countless sellout crowds in 80k+ stadiums around the country and most NFL games are played on Sunday. NASCAR's Chase format is an interesting system that a lot of people would really enjoy. Most of those people,however, are not even watching these races because they would rather watch football on television or go to games live. It is silly to run races on Sunday afternoon going against the NFL.  

NASCAR says that they are looking out for the best interest of the sport but how can taking money from a track owner for his track to be the lone Saturday night race in the Chase be in the best interest of the sport? It's not. Especially when you have to go against the NFL every week.

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NASCAR created this Chase system to create more excitement, which is something the Chase defiantly does, but if no one is watching the Chase, what's the point? There is no doubt in anyones mind that going against the NFL is a bad idea, why do you think NASCAR staggers their start time of each race in the Chase? So the race isn't ending at the same time an NFL game is because they know they would lose in ratings.

Chicagoland, Texas, Phoenix and Homestead all have lights that could be used for a Saturday night race. There is no excuse for not using them. Putting the races on Saturday night would make some fans come to NASCAR, especially because three of those tracks are the final three races in the Chase. The most important thing would be to get your final race, where most likely the champion will be crowned, on primetime and not going against the NFL. Too bad this year's champion will have to go against the NFL, which is something that is not good for the sport.

NASCAR is having enough trouble with ratings for their races, going against the NFL makes it even worse. It's time to change that!

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