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NASCAR’s Inconsistentcy Kills “Have at It Boys” for Good

November 12th, 2012 at 8:32 PM
By Clayton Caldwell

Jeff Gordon was fined $100k and docked 25 driver points for his involvment in the accident between Gordon and Clint Bowyer at Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday. While Gordon was absolutly wrong in the way he handled himself at Phoenix on Sunday, there should have been no penalty or fine from NASCAR.

Just like there shouldn't have been a suspension for Kyle Busch in 2011 at Texas Motor Speedway. Yes, I said it. What people are so soon to forget is that in February 2010, NASCAR told drivers to "Have at It Boys!" It was a new style NASCAR was going to take, and let the drivers police themselves, something that worked for the sport since it has began back in 1949.

Wrecking a driver at high speeds is wrong and there is no way to defend what both Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon did with the two accidents they caused. They should be ashamed of themselves and should be prepared for payback. That's what racing is all about. That's "Have at It Boys!"

"Have at It Boys," was a way to get some of the old school NASCAR fans back into the sport, now, just like always, those old school fans have realized that NASCAR was just blowing smoke when they said "Have at It Boys!"

Suspensions, fines and penalities are not self policing. I would not mind if Ron Hornaday Jr got out of his truck and fought Kyle Busch or spun out Kyle Busch the next race, that's what this sport was built off of.

'Jeff Gordon' photo (c) 2011, Parker Anderson - license:

Heck, most people would prefer that. It's how things should be done. I understand that these cars are dangerous and no one should wreck eachother in these things. I was watching the race when Dale Earnhardt was killed in Daytona back in the year 2001, and I never want to see that happen to anyone ever again.

With that being said, if someone takes a driver out a fine is not enough for the driver to pay. Jeff Gordon makes over ten million dollars a season, is a $100k fine really going to do that much damage to Jeff Gordon? He was docked 25 points in a season where his championship hopes were over when his throttle stuck in Chicagoland in Chase race number one. Are those 25 points really going to hurt Jeff Gordon?

However, if Jeff Gordon is having a strong top five run at Martinsville next season and Clint Bowyer takes him out and ruins his day, wouldn't that hurt Jeff Gordon worse? Would Bowyer even do that now with the fact that he may get fined, suspened or docked points? Jeff Gordon opened the door for Boywer to wreck him and if he doesn't like people wrecking him, then he shouldn't have wrecked Clint Bowyer. This is "Have at It Boys!"

Facts are facts! Have at It Boys is dead, and you can thank the people who created it for killing it.

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