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2013 Car Looks Great, but It Needs to Race Great as Well

November 30th, 2012 at 10:37 AM
By Clayton Caldwell

There is no doubt about it. The new 2013 car looks great for all three manufactures. It was important for the change to happen. Manufactures spend a lot of money in this sport and they deserve to have some recognition in this sport. 

Although the look of the car is better that's not the most important thing. The most important thing is if the car races good on a weekly basis. That's something the last car NASCAR created didn't do. 

In the five and a half years with the "Car of Tomorrow" as many people called it, NASCAR racing has not had exciting racing. The COT punched a huge hole in the air and the leader would pull away making it almost impossible for the leader to be caught. A lot of the the races in NASCAR with COT were not entertaining and ratings and attendance proved that. Both ratings and attendance dropped significantly in the five years NASCAR races the COT. 

'Ryan Newman & Matt Kenseth' photo (c) 2008, Freewheeling Daredevil - license:

Still don't believe NASCAR has a problem? Think about this. In 2001 Fox Sports and NBC were fighting each other to put NASCAR on national television. Both had major television deals and NASCAR was in it's prime as far as competition was concerned. In 2007 NBC backed out of NASCAR instead putting races on TNT and having ESPN take over some the races that NBC once broadcasted. NASCAR racing was still on national television but the fact that big companies were pulling out wasn't a good sign. Now there are rumors that NASCAR racing will be off of national television when the current television deal expires after the 2014 season.  

That means NASCAR has taken a step down in 15 years. Whatever the reason, and there are many theories to why it has, the new 2013 car needs to race good. 

There are many reports the series has taken several steps in the right direction to make the new car race good on the mile and a half tracks, something the COT didn't do. Mile and a half tracks or "cookie cutter racetracks" as many people call them make up nearly half of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule. If the 2013 car races good on the "cookie cutter tracks" it could bring back much needed exposure to a sport that was once known as "America's fastest growing sport." 

The 2013 racecar will bring back the "stock" in stock car racing. That is great, but for most fans the most important thing is that if 2013 car brings back the "racing" in stock car racing. 

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