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Sprint Unlimited Format to Be Decided by Fans

January 20th, 2013 at 3:44 PM
By Clayton Caldwell

The anticipation of the format for the Sprint Unlimited fans have been waiting for will be decided by the people who watch the race. That's right. Fans will decide the format, pit stops and elimination's of the Sprint Unlimited, for the first time in race history.  

Fans will decide from three different format segments. The race can be broken up three ways:

40/20/15- The first segment will be 40 laps, the second segment will be 20 laps and the final segment will be 15 laps.

35/30/10- The first segment will be 35 laps, the second will be 30 laps and the final segment will be 10 laps.

30/25/20- The first segment will be 30 laps, the second segment will be 25 laps and the final segment will be 20 laps.

The segment will be decided by a fan votes.

Then the fans will be allowed to vote on whether or not there will be a pit stop at the end of the first segment. The three categories for voting will be:

No pit stop

Yes, Four tire stop

Yes, Two tire stop.

Then in a surprising change, fans will decide whether or not drivers will be eliminated at the end of the second segment. This is similar to something NASCAR used to do for the All-Star race several years ago. Fans can decide on the following cars

0 cars

2 cars

4 cars

6 cars

Voting for the format ends on February 13th, all other voting ends February 16th. In addition fans will get to vote on what firesuit Miss Sprint Cup will wear for the race on February 16th. The race will start at 8 p.m. ET on that Saturday and will be broadcasted on Fox.

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