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Former NASCAR Driver Tyler Walker Arrested After High Speed Chase

January 31st, 2013 at 11:14 PM
By Clayton Caldwell

Former NASCAR Nationwide and Truck Series driver Tyler Walker was arrested after a high speed chase that went through three states. Walker, a 33 year old from Los Angeles has been suspended from NASCAR since the 2007 season when he failed NASCAR's drug policy. 

Walker has been running sprint cars for the last few seasons and is known for doing back flips. He is actually who inspired Carl Edwards to do them. 

According to the story, the chase began in Nevada after police clocked him speeding. After going through Arizona, the chase ended six miles into Utah after Walker drove into police spike stripes set down by police. 

Walker tried to flea on foot but police tracked him down. He was charged with three felonies, evading by vehicle, possession of amphetamine and possession of marijuana and misdemeanors including drug paraphernalia and being under the influence of marijuana and driving under the influence. 

According to jail records he was released on bond of $18,020. 

Walker was in the middle of a full-time deal with Bill Davis Racing when the suspension was handed out in 2007 by NASCAR

A female passenger in the car was also charged. 

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