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Stewart Haas Racing Recieves Points from Robinson-Blakeney Racing for 2013 Season

February 8th, 2013 at 4:51 PM
By Clayton Caldwell

With the new qualifying rules in place for the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series new, startup race teams are hampered because they do not have owner points from the previous year. You have to be fast on qualifying and pray for it not to rain. 

For Danica Patrick's start up team, rain will not be an issue as Stewart-Haas Racing has purchased the assets from Robinson-Blakeney Racing's #49 Toyota from the 2012 season, which includes the 150 points the team registered in the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series owner point standings. That means the #10 car which Danica Patrick will drive in the Sprint Cup Series was the #49 car, according to owner points. 

'IMG_3103' photo (c) 2012, Parker Anderson - license:

In the final point standings in 2012 the Jay Robinson Racing team finished 42nd. The ten races Patrick ran in the #10 last year are points that are being used for Tommy Baldwin's #7 Chevrolet driven by Dave Blaney in 2013. 

While the 150 points will help Patrick a little bit as far as qualifying goes for the first three races of 2013, It really insures her that if it should rain during qualifying in the first three races, Patrick will have a safety net to fall into with the owner points and make the race that way. 

It was an option for Tony Stewart to move his #14 car owner points over to the #10 and have Stewart use the past champions provisional but that would have affected the teams bonus money. 

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